Cross Domain Analysis & Simulation

IST has extensive experience in cross-domain analysis through Modeling and Simulation (M&S) of military weapon systems.

        • The Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration, and Modeling (AFSIM) is a government-owned C++ simulation framework for use in developing engineering, engagement, and mission-level analytic simulations to meet the needs of the operations analysis community.
        • As an M&S framework, AFSIM has the flexibility to quickly integrate external models to realistically represent advanced technologies and to enable the rapid composition of multi-domain, multi-fidelity scenarios by leveraging its javascript like scripting language
        • Its component based architecture enables modularity for scenario platforms and their components and may be employed for both constructive analysis and virtual experimentation.
        • IST is the AFSIM Master Integrator for AFRL with the original developers and maintainers of core AFSIM source code. All AFRL-sponsored AFSIM development and maintenance is managed and executed by our Agile development team. Our analysts are conducting AFSIM-based virtual, constructive mission, interactive wargaming, and engagement level analysis.

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IST is a premier provider of man-in-the-loop virtual simulation environments with integrated real world flight software. Additional fidelity is often required with virtual simulation for cockpits, UAS operator stations, or other manned systems to represent weapons system concepts in a realistic and representative manner in order to maintain credibility with real-world operators. The development of simulations to support rapid model integration is characterized by features in our simulations such as the plug-in capability in AFSIM. In response to these diverse simulation needs IST is the prime author and model developers for scene generation and out-the-window visualization to include such tools as Subrscene (scene generation for out-the-window simulation (OTW)), Echo (terrain generation software), Virtual Battlespace Management System (VBMS) (stealth viewer and data collection), and PLATO (a software framework for autonomy services).

IST routinely integrates autopilot algorithms for air vehicles as an element of cockpit and UAS control station simulators. Those simulations include AFRL’s Octonians (Eight channel glass cockpit for fighter simulation), Tritons (Three channel glass cockpits for manned/unmanned teaming analysis), ICE Box (UAS control station research testbed).and MCCS (multi-seat cockpit simulation for mobility, bomber, and other multi-station cockpits). Our most recent example is the simulation software called TECUMSA for manned / unmanned teaming research for AMRDEC under the SUMMIT contract. IST talented personnel integrated the UAXS software that provides the autopilot algorithms for the UAS platforms in the simulation. In addition we’ve developed tools to automate the generation of autopilots to control the flight of the AFSIM Pseudo 6DOF aero model. This enables the rapid generation of autopilots for new and existing aero models by recent aerospace engineers and analysts with minimal experience.

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