Weapon Systems Effectiveness

IST provides engineering expertise to multiple AFRL and AFLCMC organizations by performing engineering analyses, trade-off-studies, and technology assessments to generate robust analytic recommendations for Senior Military decision makers. IST uses advanced modeling, simulation & analysis (MS&A) tools such as the Advanced Framework for Simulation Integration and Modeling (AFSIM), to perform Operational Analyses, Experimentation, and Wargaming of a wide range of technologies.

IST specializes in State of the Art M&S technology development, technology assessment and analysis. IST is the Prime contractor for the Air Vehicles Technology Assessment and Simulation (AVTAS) Lab and Crew Systems Integration Lab (CSIL) providing comprehensive MS&A for AFRL. We provide end-to-end Simulation-based R&D to include:

  • Constructive, virtual, & hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) mission simulation
  • Cockpit & UAS control station simulations
  • Constructive engagement and engineering simulation
  • Campaign simulation
  • Distributed mission simulation
  • Experimental design, Design of Experiments (DOE), and statistical analysis
  • Model management and distribution

IST performs autonomy and cooperative control algorithm development and evaluation, R&D of architecture, tools, and autonomy initiatives to enhance operator performance with pilot decision aids and controlling multiple remotely piloted vehicles.

Our IST personnel have extensive expertise in Studies and Analysis to include cost benefit systems effectiveness analysis, technology advancement and maturation, requirements analyses for DoD systems. Our IST Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) include acquisition experts, scientists and technologists, cost analysts, operations research analysts, human factors engineers, statisticians, intelligent analysts, technical report writers, mission planners and weapon system operators (of both manned and unmanned aircraft). For the past 20 years, IST has employed its’ modeling and simulation expertise along with knowledge of database management and spreadsheet operations at engineer, engagement, mission, operational, and campaign levels of warfare to perform studies and analysis for Senior Military decision makers. Our company has assisted in the development and approval of combat scenarios, small mission vignettes, and case studies to support the various studies with emphases on initial operating capabilities (IOC) fielding dates using the most applicable of current and future threat assessments from our liaisons with these technical resource centers.

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