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IST creates innovative technology solutions across the Department of Defense. IST employees develop successful working relationships with our customers to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations and get the job done right.

IST’s Systems Effectiveness group provides research and development on a wide variety of technology domains for Department of Defense organizations such as the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). While we accomplish a wide variety of aerospace systems research our specialty is modeling, simulation, and analyses to support operations research providing technology assessment and maturation, cost benefit analysis, and military utility analysis to generate robust analytic recommendations for Senior Military decision makers. IST uses a spectrum of advanced modeling, simulation & analysis (MS&A) tools such as the Advanced Framework for Simulation Integration and Modeling (AFSIM), to perform Operational Analyses, Experimentation, and Wargaming of a wide range of technologies.

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    • IST has extensive experience in cross-domain analysis through Modeling and Simulation (M&S) of military weapon systems. We support the DoD Enterprise, examining possible ways to enhance weapons system performance. Thus, many of the models we develop support trade-off analyses for conceptual designs and are modeled down to the component level.
    • We have the understanding and expertise of weapon system technologies in order to develop the necessary fidelity for evaluating system performance. We develop operational scenarios that include weapon system components such as aerodynamics, propulsion, guidance, navigation and control, warhead and fuzing, seeker/sensors systems, launchers, and command and control (C2); terrain modeling, target and threat modeling (full electromagnetic spectrum and physical models), and varying environmental conditions.
    • IST is heavily involved in developing analysis tools to assist in the Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) of developed simulations and to conduct related analytic studies.
    • One of our flagship programs that supports analysis of conceptual vehicles is the Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration, and Modeling (AFSIM). AFSIM is a government-owned software simulation framework for use in constructing engineering, engagement, and mission-level analytic simulations to support the Operations Analysis community.
    • As the original developers of AFSIM, IST offers decades of collective experience in the development and application of the framework.

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The ever increasing complexity and uncertainty of current and future operations threatens to outpace the ability of skilled operators to effectively manage and adapt to escalating situations. Advances in the development of autonomous technologies suggests that autonomy enabled capabilities could significantly enhance performance in such future operational environments. While autonomy might evoke the notion of an absence of operator interaction, effective coordination with human operators has proven essential to the integration of autonomous systems. IST scientists and engineers are actively working to better understand and develop mechanisms that support effective human-autonomy interaction by investigating both the unique demands and constraints reflected within specific operational situations and the affordances available from various AI techniques to support appropriate collaborative dialog with human teammates.

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IST provides analytical tools, resources, and expertise to model, analyze, assess, and predict mission level effects based on human and sensor performance across the Air, Space, and Cyber domains. To accomplish this task and generate knowledge and battlespace understanding from cross domain scenarios, we use a comprehensive analysis environment that integrates and optimally allocates computational resources, data, and human expertise. IST brings broad, new capabilities to the Air Force by rapidly advancing the analysis environment from an enterprise focused on problem understanding of single-sensor exploitation technologies to one that generates performance through battlespace-level cross domain knowledge and understanding of human and sensor exploitation technologies.

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