Karla our Employee Owner of The Year

DCS offers a unique mix of small company values and delivers solutions typically associated with larger companies. We are proud of the advantages that our culture provides and strive to leverage our reputation for excellence as a critical advantage in planning for future growth.

As we look to the future within our marketplace, our entire management team is engaged and involved in strategic plan development. We benefit from the diverse perspectives that each manager offers about his or her own business area and incorporate those into our strategic efforts to provide leading technology solutions to our customers, empower our employees and win new business.

For our employees, we offer programs that assist them in transforming a job into a DCS career. We have developed an extensive career planning program that allows employees to identify the growth they would like to achieve within the company. Through conversations with their manager, employee-owners are able to create a personalized program designed to help them achieve advanced levels of responsibility within the organization. Our continuous learning program, DCS University, provides a means for employees to complete on-the-job-training or take in-depth courses related to program management and other business education applications. Our focus on personal growth and continual improvement is consistent with our corporate goals of professional and business excellence.

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